Monday, October 1, 2012

Shut Up

That's what I wanna scream at some people sometimes.

Now, I am not a great person.  I don't proclaim to be.  However, I am capable of recognizing lovely things all around me.  I am completely blessed in so many ways that so many other's are not.  However, every soul is blessed in SOME way.  Are you breathing??? There..see... blessed!

Sometimes I hate facebook.  It is great to keep in touch with old friends and family that I love and live nowhere near, but lately it seems to be grounds for nothing by complaining and whining and it's getting old fast.   I just want to shake some of these people and say SHUT THE CRAP UP ALREADY!  Your life cannot be as eternally miserable as you make it out to be.  Or maybe it is, either way.. SHUT UP cause I'm starting to just not care.

I guess I don't have to read those post, or I could block those people, but some of those people I love and do want to know what's going on in their lives.  How can it be never ending complaints though?  Is there nothing lovely in their world?  Are they really that miserable or are they just wanting people to say stuff to them for attention?  I don't know, but man.. shut up!

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